PEUX SPEEDLINE reels are among the most technicals fly fishing reels on the market, designed to provide to flyfisher(wo)men a unique and complete Swiss technology.

Those reels are geared, with the incredible ratio of 1 : 4,5


In clear, when you do one rotation with the handle of the reel, the spool does 4,5 rotations, and retrieve between

90 cm to 1,25 m of lines ! (according to the reel size)


The anti-reverse function is easy to start and stop, even during the fight with the fish.

Associated with the retrieval speed of PEUX reels, this system will avoid you the fatals line tension lacks,

involving the loose of control during a fight.


The Speedline is also provided with an auxiliary drag system, which cancel the spool inertia.

The main drag system is an original PEUX formula, componed by multi-discs from different nature, to provide

the best friction possible.

Even in wet conditions or under rain, this powerful drag offers marvellous sensations.


Declined in 5 different sizes, the PEUX SPEEDLINE will be your perfect partner for freshwater fishing, from small

trouts to big salmons !


Drag system

The drag system is an original PEUX formula.

Even in wet conditions or under rain, this drag offers marvellous sensations.

The fluidity and the precision of the setting will give you full satisfaction.


How to use it ?

The drag system is used for silk recovery during fights with fish.

Very easy to use, it will avoid you to break the leader during complicated situation, and allows you to keep a correct tension in the line.


This brake can bu adjusted even during the fight, which allows to the fisherman to refine the setting in real time.



The anti-reverse function is easy to start and stop, even during the fight with the fish.

Associated with the retrieval speed of PEUX reels, this system will avoid you the fatals line tension lacks, invoving the loose of control of the line.


The selector (red color) is placed in direct contact with a gear permitting the multiplication retrieval.

Once activated, the reel become anti-reverse  : the fish can unwind silk (involving the rotation of the spool) without involving the rotation of the handle.

The rotation of the handle will be possible only on retrieval direction.

This is a great advantage during an intense fight, the fisherman will have total control of the handle.


If the selector is on the green position, the handle will move when the silk will be unwind by the fish, its rotation will be possible in both directions.



One characteristics of PEUX reels : details! 

The leader gripper system (incorporated into foot's reel) is very convenient for use.


Present on all Speedline lines, the system will allows you quick recovery of your fishing session avoiding every disadvantages well known.


Very discreet and placed between the foot and the frame of the reel, it's an element really appreciated by fishermans.



Tippet locking system

Auxiliary drag

The auxiliary brake is a dispositive which cancel the inertial force of the spool.

This drag is adjustable by a screw in direct contact with one of the gear which permits the multiplied retrieval.


5 sizes availables

SPEEDLINE reels are availables in 5 differents sizes : : 

#2/3  -  #4/5  -  #5/6  -  #7/8  -  #9/10

Find the one that perfectly fits to your fishing style !

Spool extraction system

The SPEEDLINE reel is equiped with a simple and ultra fast spool extraction system.

It is enough to unclipped the spool of its hub by pushing the spool from the inside to the outside with your finger.


Technical datas




Spool size

62/35/28 mm

125 g

WF3 + 30m/20lbs





WF5 + 60m/20lbs

132 g 

144 g

188 g

67/35/28 mm

74/40/28 mm

80/49/32 mm

WF4 + 50m/20lbs

WF7 + 100m/20lbs

90/49/32 mm

198 g

WF9 + 100m/20lbs


They talk about the SPEEDLINE:

Florian B., Speedline


The best reel of the market!
It allows you to select big fish even with thin tippet.
Tried and approved for SALMONS !

Paulin R., Speedline


Impressed by this reel. With its very accurate drag system in fighting mode, it was a pleasure to fight with nice trouts in high and powerful waters.

David L., Speedline


A true fighting machine for Steelhead !

Nordine F., Speedline #9/10

Its incredible multiplying system is a real advantage with salmons which rush in all directions.

It permits you to keep tension in the line in all situations. It's definitely not a gadget !

Speedline #5/6
Speedline #5/6
Speedline #7/8
Speedline family
Speedline #9/10
Speedline family