SL light

PEUX SL Light is the little brother of the the PEUX SPEEDLINE, designed for fishing in small rivers, with modest size fishes and where lightness is required.


Very light and equipped with smooth and adjustable drag system, this reel is ideal for your small rods, forming a performing and lightweight set.


Unlike to its big brother the SPEEDLINE, the SL Light reels have no anti-reverse system and no powerful multi-discs brake system, to reduce the reel weight.


Those reels are geared, with the incredible ratio of 1 : 4,5

In clear, when you do one rotation with the handle of the reel, the spool does 4,5 rotations, and will allows to retrieve up to 90cm of line !


Drag system

This reel is provided with a light and discret drag system, adjustable by a knob situated on the flange reel.

It will allows you to efficiently fight modest size fishes.

Sweet sounding system

For lovers of the famous and typical sweet sounding of fly reels, the PEUX SL Light is equipped with a disarmable sounding system.

It can be activated by pushing the button situated on the reel flange.



The SL Light reel is equiped with a simple and ultra fast spool extraction system.

It is enough to unclipped the spool of its hub by pushing the spool from the inside to the outside with your finger.



Spool extraction system

SL Light
SL Light family
Rainbow trout

Technical datas




Spool size

62/35/28 mm

103 g

WF3 + 30m/20lbs

SL Light #2/3

SL Light #4/5

115 g 

67/35/28 mm

WF4 + 50m/20lbs