PEUX Futuro reel

FUTURO reels are the latest of PEUX reel line.

Thought above all for fly fishing purists, these reels are without tricks and are free of PEUX multiplication system (1:1 ratio).

They are obviously provided with the excellent drag system characterising PEUX reels, and they are among the lightest reels in the world : only 83g for the #2-3 version !

They will equilibrate perfectly your rod, from 6' #2-3 to 10' #5-6.


All PEUX's reels have a 5 years warranty.


Les prix affichés s'entendent Hors Taxes, une TVA de 7,7% sera appliquée automatiquement pour les commandes à destination de la Suisse.

Pour les autres pays (Union Européenne, Amérique, Asie...) le paiement de la TVA en vigueur dans le pays de destination est à la charge du client lors de la livraison. 

Des droits de douane peuvent s'appliquer en fonction de la destination, n'hésitez pas à nous contacter pour toute demandes.


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  • The PEUX recipe

    The drag system is an original PEUX formula.

    Even in wet conditions or under rain, this drag offers marvellous sensations.

    The fluidity and the precision of the setting will give you full satisfaction.


    How to use it ?

    The drag system is used for silk recovery during fights with fish.

    Very easy to use, it will avoid you to break the leader during complicated situation, and allows you to keep a correct tension in the line.


    This brake can bu adjusted even during the fight, which allows to the fisherman to refine the setting in real time.

  • Size Capacity Spool size Weight
    #2-3 WF3+30m/20Lbs 62/35/28 mm 83 g
    #4-5 WF5+60m/20Lbs 66/35/28 mm 91 g
    #5-6 WF6+60m/20Lbs 74/40/28 mm 103 g