Revival kit

Transform your Vivarelli reel thanks to this Revival kit ! 

The hub and the spool componing this kit are designed to improve the Vivarelli's efficiency, especially on the brake system.

The multi-discs drag system of the hub keep all PEUX drag charasteristics, and ensures you a surprising capacity to fight with fish.

As our reels, the revival spools are made from high quality aluminium, manufactured in the mass.

They are declined in 3 versions : 

  •  #2/3 spool

  •  #4/5 spool

  •  TOC spool

A handle can be mounted on each Revival spool, to facilitate retrieval during fight.

How to install it ? Please see the video below


Revival hub

The hub is componed by 3 drag discs, which compression is adjustable with a knob (situated in the spool center on pictures)

A small spring is also present on the hub, to give a sweet sound when the drag is sollicitated.

3 different spools

The spools are declined in 3 versions, to face all fishing situations : 

  • #2/3 spools, large arbor, designed to receive a small silk (2/3)

  • #4/5 spool, that have a similar capacity to an original Vivarelli spool

  • TOC spool, ultra large arbor, designed to receive nylon


One hub,

several possibilities

It is possible to invert Revival spools on one hub : the purpose is to mount the hub on the vivarelli and to not take it off.

You can by this way have only one reel for different fishing configurations.


Technical datas




Spool size

70/40/22 mm

22 g

WF3 + 30m/20lbs

#2/3 spool

#4/5 spool

TOC spool


20 g

23 g

70/25/22 mm

70/51/28 mm

WF4 + 50m/20lbs

Kit Revival
Kit Revival
Kit Revival
Kit Revival
Kit Revival