This ingenious multifonction nipper will be your perfect partner during fishing sessions, particularly when low light.


Indeed, the He!p has all necessary tools to easily pass your tippet through the eyelet of small flies : a specifique pince, a fine needle and a pick up systeme for your tippet.


The PEUX HELP is also equipped with a removable inox cutting blade, pivotally supported.

By this way, the blade will be always on the good position to cut the fishing line.


The HELP is made from anodised aluminium manufactured in the mass, as our reels.


Guide-tippet pince

The He!p tool is equipped with an ingenious pince system, specillay designed to facilitate the nylon passage through eyelet of small flies.

To do that, it is enough to lock the eyelet between the pince, and to pass the tippet into the funnel-shapped hole situated directly under the pince.

The nylon will pass automatically through the eyelet.

Do your nod and it's done !


Cutting blade

This tool has a cutting blade pivot-mounted, so it will be always in the good position to cut the nylon.

Once the blade is worn, it is easily replaceable by a new one, by loosing the blade maintain screw.



Retractable needle

The He!p is also provided with a thin and  retractable needle (by pushing-button), that never disturb you during fishing.

As for the cutting blade, the needle can be replaced when worned.