The Dispenser

Result of a careful well thought, this tippet dispenser ensures a great efficiency regarding the fishing line loading (from 2 to 6 spools), in very simple three steps, without extracting the spools.

With the PEUX DISPENSER, always carry easily your different tippets with you at fishing !

Moreover, your nylon tippet will be always protected from UV, the frame and the spools are manufactured in aluminium mass, like our reels.

Available with 2,3,4,5 or 6 spools, this Dispenser is different from others by its easy using and its elegance.

A cutting blade is provided on each DISPENSER, to quickly cut the good length of tippet.


Spool drag system

Each Dispenser spool is equipped with a brake system, allowing you to adjust the release tippet tension of each spool.

This drag is adjustable by loosing or tightening screws situated on the upper part of the Dispenser.

Those screws act on a spring/pad system, in direct friction with the spool.


Fixing ring

The Dispenser is also provided with a fixing ring, to be easily fastened on your fishing vest, chest pack or others.


Cutting blade

Each Dispenser is equipped with a cutting blade, allowing you to quickly cut the nylon at the desired lenght.


Technical datas


3 spools

4 spools

5 spools

6 spools


100m with 12/100th

100m with 12/100th

100m with 12/100th

100m with 12/100th


49 g

62 g

72 g

90 g