Spool leather belt

Wonderful and innovative, this spool leather belt is designed to realize several functions : 

  • protect the silk when it is not on the reel

  • plastified and replaceable label, to write all silk informations 

  • Tippet locking system, to grip the tippet before to close the belt, and to easily retrieve it nex time

  • Diameter adjustable, to face all PEUX spools configurations


Those leather belt exist into two versions : 

  • A "T1" version, of 25 mm width, for PEUX spools  #2/3, #4/5 and #5/6

  • A "T2" version, of 29 mm width, for PEUX spools  #7/8 and #9/10


Hancrafted in France with authentic leather

Tippet locking system

A tippet locking system is present on each leather belt : it will allow you to block your tippet before to close the belt, in order to easily and quickly retrieve your fishing line end next time, without loose time.



Adjustable diameter

All PEUX spool leather belt have several fixation holes, to easily adjust the belt to the spool capacity.


Authentic leather

Those spool belts are made from authentic high quality veal leather, handcrafted by French artisans.

Besides their functionnalities, those belts will give to your spare spools a refined and elegant style.

Ceinturons cuir
Ceinturons cuir
Ceinturon cuir bobine
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